Email us! We are a non-denomination Network of Interfaith practitioners joined together throughout the world. We believe in the Power of Prayer. When we have enough donations we will add phones.
There is a power greater than you! It is all around you and flows through you right now! You can ask for help and this power will respond. But first you must ask, if you wish to recieve.
Recent events such as the Tsunami and the ugly heads of war and terrorism demonstrate clearly the importance of hearts and minds joining together and calling upon the higher power to assist in bringing about World Peace, an end to Hunger and Disease and Prosperity for all.
1. Join Our Network or submit a prayer.
We are here for you and will share your prayer with our network.
2. Donate Time, Energy or Money.
Presently we are able to work on prayer requests through email but we would like to add a phone line and later to add more phones.
3. Be a Goodwill Ambassador.
You can fly around the world and meet with other practitioners and go to various places where you are needed and lend a hand.
4. Find the Common Compassion.
In all religions and spiritual paths there is an emphasis on compassion.
Around the World
People have joined together through the web. Members are meeting online and in person
Peace through Prayer
Regardless of where a person is upon the world or his or her religion, we are joined together through love.
Hearts and Minds
Children grow through love and shrink through fear. We can each make a difference..
Our Hope for the Future
Your baby is precious to you and so is your neighbors. Anywhere in the world a baby is a unique gift..
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